Our Mission


Between Friends Coffeeshop & Cafe® began as a dream between two best friends, Jaimie and Victoria, in February of 2016. At its heart, it was founded to be a second home for all people to feel welcomed, known, and loved: to be amongst friends. Over the many months of serving you, our old and new friends, we began to learn your stories and witness growing needs in our community. Soon, our feet followed our passion and It Takes A Village® was born. We believe in the mission started by Mother Teresa when she affirmed that "we belong to each other." Friends, we can do the hard things and make a difference with our love and action.


Our first project was launched in February with the Foster Care Backpack collaboration with our Houston County DFCS.  In 2016, 19,466 children were in the system of the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). Statistics show that 33 children are the victims of confirmed abuse daily in our state. In 2015 alone, 99 children died at the hands of their abusers. These statistics are heart shattering. No child deserves to be abused, neglected, or raised in a home where there is no love. There is an extreme shortage of foster families in our community. Wanting to help the families and social workers that we do have, we decided our first project would be packing duffel bags and back packs for these children. The bags are designed for the first 24-72 hours of entering foster care. The bags have been broken down by ages and packed accordingly. They include blankets, toiletries, small toys, a book, etc. Since our launch, you have created a movement and turned awareness into action in a major way. Thank you! Your donation of items and/or money have made it possible to fill 25 bags thus far. That is 25 young lives that you have helped change.